Offshore Wind Projects Receive Boost from Massachusetts and Biden Administration

LCG, March 31, 2021--The Governor of Massachusetts signed legislation last Friday that authorizes the state to direct utilities to purchase an additional 2,400 MW of offshore wind energy by 2027.

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NV Energy's Greenlink Nevada Transmission Project Approved by PUCN

LCG, March 25, 2021--The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) on Monday approved proceeding with NV Energy's Greenlink Nevada transmission and renewable energy initiative. NV Energy's planned investment in Greenlink is over $2.5 billion.

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Canada Energy Minister Says Alaskan Gas Tax Credit Violates Agreement

LCG, May 3, 2002--Natural Resources Minister Herb Dhaliwal asserted that an amendment in the U.S. Senate's energy bill defies the nations' understanding to allow a free-market approach to Arctic gas pipeline routes.

Last week's U.S. Senate bill included a tax credit for Alaskan gas reserve owners. Exxon Mobile, BP Plc, and Phillips Petroleum would benefit if gas shipped from Alaska, through Canada, costs less than $3.25 per thousand cubic feet. The credit was included because the companies had insisted that the hypothetical pipeline, over $10 billion US for 4 billion cubic feet per day capacity, is not economically viable.

Prior to the energy bill, Canada and the U.S. had agreed to let the free market determine the details surrounding a possible pipeline to be built through Canada, from Alaska and the Mackenzie Delta.

Dhaliwal calls the amendment a subsidy to the companies.

"The message is we have an agreement which said both countries would be route-neutral and let it be market driven. If they move away from that we will have to reconsider our position to make sure we don't allow our gas to be stranded."

Canadian producers have already started the applications process for building a 1 billion cubic feet-per-day pipeline from the Mackenzie Valley to Alberta, at a cost of $2 billion US.

The controversial U.S. amendment has yet to be approved.

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