Offshore Wind Projects Receive Boost from Massachusetts and Biden Administration

LCG, March 31, 2021--The Governor of Massachusetts signed legislation last Friday that authorizes the state to direct utilities to purchase an additional 2,400 MW of offshore wind energy by 2027.

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NV Energy's Greenlink Nevada Transmission Project Approved by PUCN

LCG, March 25, 2021--The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) on Monday approved proceeding with NV Energy's Greenlink Nevada transmission and renewable energy initiative. NV Energy's planned investment in Greenlink is over $2.5 billion.

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Fire and Power Problems Shut Down Both Indian Point Reactors

LCG, April 29, 2003At New York states largest and possibly most controversial power plant, both nuclear reactors were shut down due to power failure and fire.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported that the Entergy-owned Indian Point plants reactors tripped off line at 4:45 pm yesterday and 3:13 am today.

The 951-megawatt unit 2, which went off line yesterday, was probably shut down due to loss of output breakers, according to Entergy.

The 1,027-megawatt unit 3 was manually shut off early this morning when there was a fire in the high pressure turbine lasting 47 minutes.

Indian Point officials did not speculate as to the possible duration of the shutdown, but energy traders noted that four cooling pumps failed after the trip, and that unit 3 probably sustained a significant amount of damage from fire.

Indian Point spokesman Jim Steets said that unit 2 tripped off line because of an off-site loss of power. He said unit 3s troubles had yet to be determined but may have been related to combustion of oil in the turbine insulation, although he did not comment on how the oil would have been ignited.

Indian Point has come under a lot of criticism from New Yorkers in the last several years. Many residents want to shut down the plant, which is 24 miles away from New York City and is within 50 miles of 20 million people. According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Units 2 and 3 have the worst safety ratings amongst all U.S. reactors. New Yorkers began calling for a no-fly zone over Indian Point after September 11, despite analysts reassurance that nuclear plants are safe from being hit by planes.

Plant officials have asserted that this shutdown poses no threat to the public. The shutdown is sure to inflate electricity prices in the region, however, as the generators supply a total of 1,978 megawatts of capacity.

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