Competition, Deregulation and Forecasting


An Analysis of the U.S. Electricity Markets

In the competitive electricity market, the value of generating assets and wholesale and retail contracts are all tied to market prices. Improving the rate of return on contracts and optimizing value of assets require accurate price forecasting, which can only be obtained by a combination of market analysis and structural modeling of the volatility.

To take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in making buy and sell decisions, participants must assess the price trends and volatility. Understanding the price structure and its volatility is also useful in assessing the risks inherent in the market and developing hedging strategies to manage these risks.

LCG Consulting has compiled a comprehensive report about U.S. electricity markets with detailed risk analysis and pricing database. This report gives an accurate picture of the present and what can be expected from future years.

The readers may be interested in our UPLAN models which combine both structural modeling and market analysis to forecast electricity prices and volatility.

A must read report that captures the complexities of a developing electricity market in the United States.

Review of Energy Markets in the U.S.

o        Market Structures

o        Day and Hour Ahead Market

o        Ancillary Service and Imbalance Market

o        Transmission Congestion Prices

Energy Market Price Database & Analysis

o        Western Interconnection

o        Mid-Western Interconnection

o        Northeastern Interconnection

o        Inter-Regional Comparison of Energy Prices

Volatility Analysis using Structural & Market Model

o        Volatility and Market Risks in each Region

o        Risk Management using NYMEX

o        Option Evaluation

o        Estimating Market Trends with UPLAN

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