Recent Projects


ERCOT LMP Forecast - Sempra Energy

  • System-wide Cost Benefit Analysis of Houston Import Transmission Upgrade Options including production cost benefit, generator revenues, consumers’ surplus, congestion cost, and increase in regional import (ERCOT 2018)
  • Congestion Study for potential wind farm projects in ERCOT, MISO, PJM, and Alberta with sensitivity analysis
  • Solar Project Siting Study: A grid analysis to evaluate the efficacy of potential solar plants at designated locations in Texas
  • PJM Transmission Study to assess the impacts of the W3-122 transmission project on generation assets by providing congestion modeling support and forecast of LMPs
  • Adaption of UPLAN to model Russian wholesale electricity market and assisting in the implementation of the model to provide 20-year forecasts
  • Transmission Cost Benefit Analysis: Assessment of the impact of integrating additional transmission lines with ERCOT ISO network under various wind penetration and gas price scenarios
  • Transmission Congestion and Power Basis Modeling: Ongoing congestion modeling support and monthly forecast of LMPs in the ERCOT, PJM and ISO-NE regions
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Buffalo Gap generating plants in support of going into merchant operation
  • Transmission study to provide cost estimates under various interconnection scenarios
  • Development of a user interface to a Lyapunov function based remedial action screening (L-RAS) tool for US Department of Energy
  • Cost benefit analysis to assess the economic impact of the MISO-Entergy integration on TVA owned load within the Entergy transmission footprint and TVA’s overall production costs
  • Cost Benefit and Financial Analysis of investment opportunity in LCRA’s Ferguson Refurbishment project for City of San Marcos
  • Dual-market Cost-Benefit Analysis of the proposed Southern Cross Transmission in ERCOT
  • 20-year Nodal price forecasting and analytic services to assess the impact of wind energy addition on the current and future transmission congestion and loss costs for Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
  • Hydro and Pumped Storage – DOE award to support development of advanced water power technologies: Modeling and analysis of Hydropower grid services to analyze how existing and new conventional and pumped hydro storage can bring benefits to the grid to meet the proposed RPS requirements in the West
  • Energy Storage – Economic studies exploring the efficacy of utilizing energy storage systems in integrating wind resources in regional electric systems
  • Wind Integration – DOE project that promotes collaborative planning for balancing wind variability across regions
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) feasibility and risk assessment
  • ERCOT CREZ Wind and Transmission Scenario Simulation to evaluate the impact of LCRA McCamey-Kendall-Gillespie-Newton (M-K-G-N) or other alternative CREZ line configurations
  • SPP/Entergy System Simulation and Plant Siting Study: Analyze scenarios for potential project lineups to determine the optimal grid connection with ERCOT and the cost of exporting or importing the imbalance
  • Development of a strategic resource plan and economic assessments of the value of generating resources and potential investments for Garland Power and Light (GP&L)
  • Hybrid Storage (CAES and Battery) Performance Analysis in ERCOT Post CREZ
  • Economic and Green House Gas Emission Assessment of utilizing Energy Storage Systems in ERCOT - Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
  • Development of Greek Electric Power and Natural Gas Systems Simulator Including Planning, Execution and Settlement of Short-Term Whole-Sale Markets - Regulatory Authority for Energy, Greece
  • System evaluation of the conversion of existing Open-Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) plants to Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) configuration - Oman Power and Water Procurement (OPWP)
  • Wind Siting Study in PJM and MISO: Assessment of the value of new wind farm locations and their impacts on the transmission system
  • Scope and impacts of wind generation on markets and existing and new generation in a commercial setting – A Preview of Texas Development - EPRI
  • Southeast Renewable Scoping Study to evaluate the potential of renewable generation technologies under alternative market and regulatory scenarios - EPRI/ORNL
  • Testimony support – CREZ hybrid scenario 2 that proposes the maximum wind addition in Briscoe County
  • Projection of the TCR values for the generators of interest for annual and monthly auctions
  • Using Market Simulations to Support Plant Budgeting: A Market and Plant Operation Case Study - EPRI
  • Analysis of Texas Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) Transmission Scenario 2: costs and net societal benefit of the transmission upgrades
  • Evaluate the economic benefits of the proposed Green path North(GP-N) interconnection in southern California
  • Development of alternative transmission and wind turbine configurations and determination of the cost-benefit of the potential transmission upgrades
  • Study of the economic impact of PVD2 transmission line on Arizona consumers
  • Integrated generation and transmission study to determine the potential cost impacts associated with the transmission of power to and from potential wind generation sites -Austin Energy
  • Analysis of the value of the Congestion Revenue Rights (CRRs) on the CAISO system and Locational Marginal Prices (LMPs) under the proposed MRTU market structure
  • Transmission congestion analysis, LMP forecast, and valuation of a proposed new generation plant in Ontario IMO
  • Coal Option Valuation & Market-Based Valuation of New Coal-Fired Generation
  • Analysis of Ancillary Service Requirements: Revenues from A/S and Operational Flexibility
  • Avoided Cost Analysis - Kauai Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC)
  • Integrated Resource Planning filing for 2004 - KIUC
  • Analysis of new deal structure of El Segundo & Congestion Cost Study - West Basin Municipal Water District
  • Forecasting electricity prices and revenues, and valuing the complete fleet of generating assets in the wholesale electricity market in the Russian Federation
  • Valuation of Transmission Investment in Russian Federation - Federal Grid Company
  • New England Market Study: Market simulation and assessment of the stranded cost of FirstEnergy's generation assets and testimony support

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