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Impacts of High Variable Renewable Energy Futures on Wholesale Electricity Prices, and on Electric-Sector Decision Making

May 23, 2018 -- Lawrence Berkeley Lab partnered with LCG Consulting to develop a large number of variable renewable energy (VRE) scenarios to derive future generator portfolios and hourly price and emissions series. The main objective of this exercise is to offer policymakers, utilities and grid authorities a long-range view of how current choices could impact their future ability to cope with changes in the electric sector.

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Get a good picture of ERCOT in LCG’s newly released 2018 ERCOT Outlook

LCG, March 21, 2018 --Texas continues to experience an unprecedented transformation in its energy industry. The state saw record wind energy production in 2017 and will continue to see wind growth through 2018. Large transmission projects and upgrades have taken place. New import and export capabilities are on the horizon, such as through the integration of Lubbock Power & Light and the possible Southern Cross transmission project.

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Thanks to LCG, in 1983 if you wanted to optimize your generator dispatch, you didn’t needed to pay a lot of money for a mainframe computer and the computer scientists to program it; in 1988, if you wanted to use a financial or engineering based program dedicated to the energy industry, it wouldn’t have to be text based; in 1990 if you wanted to analyze the emerging energy markets, you wouldn’t need to speculate; and in 2008 if you want to accurately forecast the physical and financial operations of a deregulated electricity network, you can.

Incorporated in 1983, LCG Consulting has been dedicated to providing clients with the information and tools necessary to navigate the complex dynamics between the physical and economic aspects of large energy systems.

Based in Los Altos, California with offices in Paris France, our client base stretches around the world and consists of players from all aspects of the energy industry.

From optimal generator dispatching programs running on the first generation IBM PC to natural gas contract evaluations to FTR valuations and merchant plant analysis operating on computing grids, LCG has always been a pioneer.

Since our founding, we have done thousands of studies for hundreds of clients. Our software models have set the standard for excellence in the energy industry and our efforts have been utilized for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Asset valuation and strategic planning
  • Simulation of electricity and gas markets
  • Electricity price forecasting and volatility analysis
  • Development of bidding strategies and portfolio optimization
  • Transmission, generation and new entrant analysis
  • Simulation of ISO/PX operations
  • Merger and market power studies
  • Emissions modeling and trade analysis

Our success and longevity can be attributed to our ability to maintain an edge in the theoretical aspects of energy system analysis and technology in general. We are fortunate to have an excellent and energetic staff with leaders in academia, power system engineering and computer science.

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