ERCOT Wind Expansion: Impact on Energy and Ancillary Service Markets

LCG, October 05, 2016--LCG Consulting has released its latest report Market Effects of Wind Penetration in ERCOT: How Wind Will Change the Future of Energy and Ancillary Service Prices. In this study, LCG investigates the system-wide impacts on the ERCOT market of three levels of wind capacity expansion in the year 2021, with particular emphasis on energy and ancillary service prices.

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CAISO Forecast Prices for 2017 are available now

LCG, September 20, 2016--LCG Consulting releases a full set of peak, off-peak prices and a congestion outlook for 2017 in California ISO (CAISO).

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Analysis of Summer Resource Adequacy in ERCOT

LCG, July 28, 2016--LCG Consulting releases its analysis of resource adequacy in Texas for high stress conditions in summer 2016.

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Entergy's Palisades Nuclear Power Plant to Close in 2018

LCG, December 9, 2016--Entergy Corporation and Consumers Energy announced yesterday that they have agreed to an early termination of their power purchase agreement (PPA) for the Palisades Power Plant in 2018, when the nuclear facility will now be closed. The result is an estimated cost reduction to Consumers' customers by up to $172 million over four years. The 811-MW nuclear facility is located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan and has been generating carbon-free electricity since December 31, 1971. The current operating license expires in 2031.

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AES Plans to Construct 300-MW Battery Storage System in California

LCG, December 1, 2016--AES Corporation plans to construct a 300-MW battery storage system at its existing Southland Energy, LLC (AES) Alamitos Generating Station within the City of Long Beach, California. The proposed Alamitos Generating Station Battery Energy Storage System would provide local area capacity for electrical system reliability and flexibility. According to AES, the proposed facility would be the largest battery energy storage system (BESS) in the world. Construction is proposed to commence in 2019, with the facility operational in 2020.

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Energy Market Forecasts and Actuals

MarketVision Forecasts
ERCOT 12/08/16 - 12/08/16
CAISO Jan 2017
Energy Price (Actuals)
ERCOT $19.26
MISO $43
NYISO $34.24
NEISO $30.02
CAISO $23.1
PJM $42
Load (Actuals)
ERCOT 51060 MW
MISO 93081 MW
NYISO 21105 MW
NEISO 17021 MW
CAISO 26524 MW

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