Missouri PSC Approves Grain Belt Express HVDC Transmission Project

LCG, March 22, 2019--The Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) approved a request filed by Grain Belt Express Clean Line LLC for a certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) to construct, own, operate, control, manage and maintain a high-voltage, direct-current (HVDC) transmission line to move power east from wind farms in western Kansas to load centers in Missouri, Illinois and Indiana.

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FPL Targets 1,490 MW of Solar Capacity for New Community Solar Program

LCG, March 15, 2019--Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) Wednesday filed a proposal with the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) for a new community solar program, FPL SolarTogether. Pending PSC approval, FPL plans to install 1,490-MW of capacity at 20 new solar power plants across FPL's service territory to meet anticipated customer enrollment in the program.

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FERC Issues Preliminary Permit for 1,200-MW Southeast Oklahoma Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project

LCG, March 5, 2019--The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a preliminary permit to Southeast Oklahoma Power Corporation to study the feasibility of the proposed Southeast Oklahoma Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project. The electric generating capacity of the proposed energy storage facility would be 1,200 MW. The project site is located on the Kiamichi River near the town of Whitesboro in LeFlore County, Oklahoma. The project includes a 124-mile-long transmission line to connect to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid.

The purpose of a preliminary permit is to study the feasibility of the project, including studying potential impacts. The permit was effective March 1, 2019.

The Southeast Oklahoma Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Project is intended to provide utility-scaled energy storage capabilities to complement the growth of wind farms that intermittently generate electricity within the day throughout the year. The project will pump water from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir at times when power prices are relatively low. When power prices are high and energy is needed, water will be released from the upper reservoir through the power tunnel to the powerhouse to generate electricity. This will occur based on hourly power prices, the need to augment the production of local renewable wind power generation, or to provide ancillary power services.

To move the water between the reservoirs, the project design includes four reversible pump-turbine units with a combined electric generating capacity of 1,200 MW. The proposed upper reservoir will have a surface area of 488.52 acres and a storage capacity of 43,633 acre-feet; the lower reservoir will have a surface area of 727 acres and a storage capacity of 37,965 acre-feet. A regulating reservoir will be included, with a surface area of 40 acres and a storage capacity of 1,216 acre-feet. The proposed project has an estimated average annual generation of over 4,300,000 MWh.
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