Siemens Energy to Provide Hydrogen-Capable Gas Turbines to OPPD

LCG, June 18, 2021--Siemens Energy announced yesterday that Siemens Energy will provide two F-Class turbines to power Omaha Public Power District's (OPPD) new Turtle Creek Station Peaking Plant in Papillion, Nebraska.

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Summer 2021 Resource Adequacy Scenarios- Revised Report

LCG June 11, 2021--LCG Consulting (LCG) has released its analysis of resource adequacy in ERCOT for summer 2021, as we do each spring.

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Industry News

CP&L to Seek Renewal for Reactor Licenses

LCG, Sept. 13, 2000Carolina Power & Light Co. said yesterday it has let the Nuclear Regulatory Commission know it will ask for extensions for the operating licenses of three nuclear reactors at two power plants.

The company said that providing informal notice to the NRC of the company's intended submittal schedule in advance is intended to assist the NRC in ensuring adequate resources to review the comprehensive relicensing request when it is filed.

In its first formal application, which it will make in the fall of 2002, CP&L will ask for a 20-year extension for the single 690 megawatt unit at its H. B. Robinson nuclear power plant in Hartsville, S.C. In 2004, the utility will formal ask the NRC to extend the license of both units at its 1,640 megawatt Brunswick plant near Cape Fear, N.C.

The current license for Robinson expires in 2010 and those for the two units at Brunswick expire in 2014 and 2016.

CP&L said it has not yet set a date for a relicensing submittal on behalf of the Harris Nuclear Plant near New Hill, N.C. The 40-year license for the Harris Plant, the company's newest, does not expire until 2026.

The utility said the formal submittals submittal will include, among other documents, a supplement to a plant's environmental report and an evaluation of plant systems, structures and components to demonstrate that they will continue to perform as designed for the extended life of the plant, as well as equipment specification changes.

When the NRC first began licensing nuclear power plants, the term of the license was set at 40 years because that had been, for accounting purposes, the amortization period used by utilities for capital investments. The agency did not base the license period on technical considerations, and nuclear plants, because of rigorous maintenance requirements, are outlasting their conventional counterparts.

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