U.S. Department of Energy Announces First Awards under Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program

LCG, October 16, 2020--The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) this week announced it has selected two U.S.-based teams to receive $160 million in initial funding under the new Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP).

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PSEG Files Application to Extend Zero Emission Certificates (ZECs) for New Jersey's Carbon-Free Nuclear Power Facilities

LCG, October 2, 2020--PSEG yesterday filed applications to extend Zero Emission Certificates (ZECs) for the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear power plants in Salem County in order to preserve New Jersey's largest carbon-free source of electricity and to help New Jersey achieve its clean energy goal of 100 percent carbon-free energy supply by 2050.

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Austria Blocks Talks on Czech EU Membership

LCG, Nov. 16, 2000--Austria has withheld agreement with its European Union partners on an energy sector agenda for discussion with the Czech Republic in its application for EU membership, effectively blocking talks scheduled for today because the EU was left without a common position to present to the Prague government.

Thus Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schssel has made good on his threat to stall the Czech application for EU membership if Prague went ahead with its nuclear power plant in Temelin, about 35 miles from the Czech-Austrian border.

Diplomats in Brussels said Austria's 14 EU partners thought Schssel was going too far in tying the nuclear issue to membership of the Czech Republic but Austria has remained intransigent. "There was no point in holding the meeting without agreement among the members," one source said.

The Temelin nuclear plant is of Soviet design but control, safety and fuel systems have been brought up to Western standards by Westinghouse Electric Co. of the U.S. Nevertheless, Austria has insisted the reactor, now at 2.5 percent of power and holding for tests, be shut down until additional safety studies are carried out.

Czech officials believe that there would be no end to the "additional safety studies" were they to accede to Schssel's wishes, and have accused the Austrian chancellor of meddling in the internal affairs of the Czech Republic.

Membership talks on the energy sector were to go ahead today with other applicants for membership in the EU. Those states are Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hungary, Lithuania and Malta.

It may be a stretch to consider Cyprus and Malta as European, though it was the Bishop of Malta who, in about 375 A.D. coined the phrase "Si fueris Romae, Romano vivito more," or "When in Rome, live as do the Romans."

The Czechs might be forgiven for asking Viennese to keep their nuclear fears in Vienna.

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