Federal Government uses UPLAN model to examine price volatility in ERCOT

LCG, October 11, 2022--The U.S. Energy Information Administration, or EIA, released its latest supplement to the Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO) in the Texas market, assessing various possible scenarios using LCG’s UPLAN NPM model, with a special focus on the effects on wholesale power prices and market conditions.

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Michigan Governor Supports Reopening Palisades Nuclear Facility

LCG, September 16, 2022--The Governor of Michigan last week sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in support of Holtec International’s application for a federal grant under the Civil Nuclear Credit (CNC) program to save the Palisades Nuclear Facility in Southwest Michigan. The federal grant could result in restarting the baseload, carbon-free, nuclear power plant.

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Industry News

Con Edison Plant runs into NIMBY in Big Apple

LCG, April 18, 2001Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, which wants to expand its East River Steam Station in Manhattan, is running into the same sort of "not in my back yard" obstructionism that has held back development of new electricity resources in California.

Environmentalists and neighborhood groups said they would turn out for a hearing today and present expert witnesses on air quality, health effects, "environmental justice" and site alternatives.

"We're not NIMBY," protested Susan Steinberg, president of the East River Environmental Coalition, saying her organization is against Con Edison producing more power in her back yard. "We don't believe 100 percent of the burden should be placed on one residential community, especially since we already suffer the effects of Con Ed's existing plant."

What Con Edison wants to do is repower the East River station so it can retire its Waterside steam station, which is in the same back yard. Additions to the East River station would be made in an unused portion of the facility so the actual dimensions of the plant would not change.

The upgrades, which could be completed sometime next year, would improve steam output and generate electricity using natural gas as the primary fuel rather than oil, and Waterside would be retired. The net gain would be 700,000 pounds of additional steam and 200 megawatts of generation. Emissions from East River would be reduced by 8 percent.

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