PacifiCorp Issues RFP for Over 4,300 MW of Generation Resources

LCG, July 9, 2020--PacifiCorp Monday issued the largest request for proposals (RFPs) for energy projects in company history, seeking more than 4,300 MW in solar, wind and battery storage resources that can connect to its 10-state transmission system and achieve commercial operation by December 31, 2024.

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Analysis of Resource Adequacy in ERCOT - July - December 2020

LCG, June 30, 2020 - LCG Consulting just released its analysis of ERCOT for the second half of 2020, July through December.

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Industry News

Virginians Leery about Dereg, Expect Crisis

LCG, July 17, 2001According to a survey released yesterday by the Virginia State Corporation Commission, more that 60 percent of Virginians believe the electricity supply and price problems plaguing California are likely to occur in the Old Dominion, the Hampton Roads Daily Press reported this morning.

The state commission hired the New Haven, Conn.-based Center for Research and Public Policy to conduct the survey of 1,000 customers throughout the state, the paper said.

The state is opening its electricity market to competition in two phases, with customers in Northern Virginia being allowed to choose alternative energy providers beginning next January 1. Customer choice will follow for the southern part of the state a year later.

Only a quarter of Virginians are aware of the state's deregulation of its energy industry and less than a quarter are "very supportive" of the concept of shopping for an electricity supplier, the survey found, although 43 percent were "somewhat supportive." Nine percent of respondents said they had decided against switching to another supplier, while 84 percent wanted more information before making a decision.

"There are few people who said they made up their minds," said Andy Farmer, the commission's education resources manager. "We recognize that this is very early in the game."

The perception held by Virginians of California's energy problems was oddly mixed. While fewer than half of respondents knew that California had "deregulated" its electricity market, 82 percent had heard, read or seen that there were problems out West, and 62 percent expected the same problems to hit Virginia.

Farmer, who tours Virginia talking about the future of the state's electric industry, said one of the first questions that greets him is "What's going on in California?" People want to know about the problems California has faced -- soaring prices for electricity at the wholesale level, bankrupt utilities and rolling blackouts -- and the reasons they have happened.

The survey was the first of 10 the commission will conduct over five years as part of a $30 million public education and awareness campaign aimed at making Virginia consumers aware that the state plans to deregulate its energy markets and that they will have a choice of suppliers of electricity and natural gas.

So far, the results show that Farmer's work is cut out for him. For example, more than 90 percent of Virginians have no idea of the current rate they pay for electricity each month. But 88 percent said they knew they needed to have that information to compare with other suppliers before they could shop for electricity.

"Some people think they pay $10 a kilowatt-hour for electricity," commission spokesman Ken Schrad told the Daily Press. "They don't have a clue what they pay for electricity."

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