California PUC Targets Doubling Renewable Energy by 2030

LCG, March 27, 2020--The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) yesterday unanimously approved a new emissions target for its electric sector that would double California's clean energy capacity through 2030 and effectively block new natural gas-fired electric generating facilities.

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Tennessee Valley Authority Issues RFP for 200 MW of Renewables

LCG, March 19, 2020--The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) issued a request for proposals (RFP) on March 13 to develop up to 200 MW of stand-alone renewable energy resources or renewable energy resources configured with battery energy storage systems (BESS). Solar resources must be tracking, and the projects must be commercially operational and providing power by September 29, 2023 or earlier.

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California Lawmakers to AskReliant be Held in Contempt

LCG, July 19, 2001The California Senate Select Committee to Investigate Market Manipulation voted 6-0 yesterday to ask the full Senate to cite Reliant Energy Inc. for contempt after the energy company failed to provide confidential documents.

Reliant thus joins Enron Corp. in facing the state Senate's first contempt citations since 1929.

State Sen. Joe Dunn, the Democrat chairman of the panel investigating possible wrongdoing by independent power producers during California's energy crisis, said his committee would now begin preparing a full report on its charges against Reliant. He added that the committee's report on Enron could be submitted as early as today.

"We have been discussing this with them virtually every single day, and they are not in complianceyet," Dunn said of Reliant. "Twenty-four hours ago I was cautiously optimistic about them, I am nowback to pessimistic."

Reliant said it had offered to submit around 10,000 documents but Larry Drivon, special counsel with the select committee, said Reliant's offer represented a good deal less than what some other firms have offered, and most skirted the issues the committee is interested in.

"What we've gotten this time is both insignificant and largely irrelevant," Drivon said.

Also yesterday, the select committee voted not to proceed at this time against some other energy companies, pending a review of their compliance.

As for Enron, the company has filed suit in Sacramento Superior Court challenging the committee's authority to subpoena documents. Enron has argued that the papers are in Texas, well out of the California state Senate's jurisdiction. Enron also says the state Senate lacks jurisdiction over wholesale electricity prices, which are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

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