Siemens Energy to Provide Hydrogen-Capable Gas Turbines to OPPD

LCG, June 18, 2021--Siemens Energy announced yesterday that Siemens Energy will provide two F-Class turbines to power Omaha Public Power District's (OPPD) new Turtle Creek Station Peaking Plant in Papillion, Nebraska.

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Summer 2021 Resource Adequacy Scenarios- Revised Report

LCG June 11, 2021--LCG Consulting (LCG) has released its analysis of resource adequacy in ERCOT for summer 2021, as we do each spring.

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Plant Ready to Provide Peaking Power to Silicon Valley

LCG, Mar. 31, 2003--Calpine Corporation's 180-megawatt Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility is now operating as a peaking plant that will be able to provide capacity to the California Department of Water Resources and sell power on the open market.

The plant was sited in north San Jose, in an area not far from Calpine's downtown headquarters. Los Esteros is under contract to provide peaking power for up to 4,000 hours annually, and will receive payments that will average $38.8 million per year during the current three-year contract. When not serving these obligations, the plant can be operated as a merchant facility.

Bob Fishman, a senior vice president with Calpine, commented that "Silicon Valley has long been dependent upon imported electricity . By locating Los Esteros close to the power demand, Calpine can help overcome electricity transmission cosntraints as well as addressing supply issues." Of various high-demand areas within California, Silicon Valley, overlapping with the more formally named Santa Clara Valley, was cited by the California Independent System Operator as being one of the most electrically vulnerable due to a supply-demand imbalance.

The Los Esteros plant, consisting of four 45-megawatt gas turbines, was conceived as a cleaner alternative to 98 diesel generators that were first planned as a source of power for a power-intensive Internet campus owned by U.S. Dataport. U.S. Dataport is a developer of secure facilities serving Internet data service providers, and still plans to be a customer of the plant.
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