Duke Energy Renewables Announces Commercial Operations Achieved for 150-MW Solar Project

LCG, June 20, 2019--Duke Energy Renewables, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, yesterday announced that its 150-MW North Rosamond solar project in Kern County, California, has commenced commercial operation. The power produced from the project is being sold to Southern California Edison (SCE) under a 15-year agreement.

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ERCOT 2019 Summer Quarter Outlook

LCG, May 29, 2019-- LCG released a new summer (June – September 2019) report that looks at how the ERCOT grid copes with strained network conditions. Resource adequacy analysis for the region is especially important during extreme summer loading conditions. This summer the network is under particular scrutiny as the reserves have tightened because of recent retirements.

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Industry News

J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup Settle Regarding Roles in Enron Debacle

LCG, July 29, 2003J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup have agreed to pay nearly $300 million to Enron stockholders and the city and state of New York.

J.P. Morgan Chase and Citigroup, the countrys largest banks, took part in transactions with Enron that were by and large legal but still one step short of acceptable. According to regulators, the transactions mislead investors in an intentional manner.

J.P. Morgan Chase participated in seven prepays with Enron Corp., loaning roughly $2.6 billion to the company over a course of four years. Citigroup lent Enron $3.8 billion over two and a half years in the same way.

The banks prepay arrangements with Enron were routed through a series of corporations, some located offshore. All but two of the multiple trades completely matched one another, having the net effect of Enron being simultaneously a merchant and receiver of exactly the same amount of commodity, but leaving Enron with cash to be paid back to the bank at a particular interest rate. The confusing network of transactions functioned as a quiet loan, unnoticed by Enrons investors.

The banks attorneys plead their cases before the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations last year, insisting that the banks were not responsible for clients behavior and that the transactions were legally sound.

The Securities and Exchange Commission and the District Attorney of Manhattan reached the agreement with the banks yesterday. The settlement, while not a trial verdict, implies that the principle of the behavior is as important as its legal authenticity. It shows that bankers, accountants, and lawyers can be held responsible for the action of their clients.

J.P. Morgan Chase will dole out $135 million to Enron investors, and Citigroup will pay $101 million. The banks will jointly give $50 million to the city and state of New York. In addition, Citigroup will pay $19 million regarding allegations of manipulative transactions with energy company Dynegy.

The banks will also design a new set of standards, including improved oversight, and submit the revised standards to the Federal Reserve.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is still conducting investigations into Enron and other companies.

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