How to Make the Grid Secure

LCG March 1, 2021--February’s winter weather has brought a new level of uncertainty to the Texas grid, on top of rapid renewables growth and hot summer weather. Not only did the blackouts solidify the need to plan for extreme weather in winter and summer, but they also brought Texas residents, the governor, and the legislature into a public conversation about demand-supply planning.

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Long Ridge Energy Announces Plans to Allow Transition to 100 Percent Hydrogen

LCG, March 4, 2021--Ohio's Long Ridge Energy Generation is retrofitting its 485-MW combined-cycle power plant to use a blend of natural gas and carbon-free hydrogen, making it the nation's first large gas turbine plant to transition operations to hydrogen fuel.

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California Public Utilities Commission Votes for Continue Strong Support for Solar Net Metering

LCG, January 29, 2016--The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) yesterday voted 3-2 to continue the retail rate net metering program for rooftop solar systems. The vote adopts a Proposed Decision released last month with some revisions.

The new solar net metering program will commence in 2017, or as soon as net metering caps are reached in each utility service territory. The commission's decision is supported by pro-rooftop solar businesses that want to extend the retail rate remuneration for solar facilities (e.g., rooftop solar PV) that deliver excess power from the consumer back to the grid.

SunEdison's President and Chief Executive Officer stated, "We thank California's policymakers for today's decision on net metering and applaud the integrity of all parties who contributed to these proceedings. We firmly believe that today's decision is an important step forward and will help build a stronger, more robust electricity grid which delivers clean, cost effective energy to all of the citizens of California."

California's utilities filed an alternative proposal designed to reduce net metering rates. However, the final decision was revised so as to exclude adjustments that would require solar customers to pay charges for transmission lines. The lack of the transmission fees drove two commissioners to vote against the decision, as solar customers, like all customers, rely on transmission lines to deliver electricity when the sun isn't shining.

A San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) spokesperson stated the commission "ignored state law and the clear direction from the state Legislature, which called for them to reform net energy metering to ensure the benefits are balanced with the costs." The spokesperson further stated, "While we are still evaluating the decision, it appears to largely maintain the current program, penalizing the 95 percent of our customers who don't have solar."

Another key revision to the Proposed Decision is to require time-of-use (TOU) rates for new rooftop solar users in the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE) territories, rather than phasing them in until 2019, when all residents are required to go on TOU rates. Solar facility owners in SDG&E service territory will be allowed to remain on SDG&E's tiered rate structure for five years after new TOU rates are approved in 2017.
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