UPLAN-G, Gas Procurement and Competitive Analysis System
Transform Business Problems into Market Opportunities


Gas Supply: System Operations and Resource Optimization

  • Daily Gas Dispatch Optimization
  • Optimal Supply Portfolio Selection
  • Transportation Cost Minimization
  • Capacity Release & Pipeline Sizing
  • Hedging & Uncertainty Analysis

UPLAN-G offers a detailed analysis of all aspects of gas planning including resource portfolio optimization, gas dispatch, pipeline sizing, facilities planning, and demand-side management. It delivers unsurpassed accuracy, flexibility, convenience, and speed.

UPLAN-G contains five primary simulation modules:  a commodity cost module for short-term resource portfolio optimization; a commodity cost uncertainty module for risk analyses; an integrated optimization module for determining the optimal resource mix for current and future years using existing and planned resources; a market module for gas price forecasting; and a strategic finance module for predicting revenue requirements.


Successfully meeting the challenges posed by market growth and deregulation requires a suite of planning and management software tools LCG Consulting’s UPLAN-G integrated gas model.

UPLAN-G supports hourly and daily time-steps for all functions and can be linked to UTRACK, LCG’s gas deals data entry and accounting tool, as well as UPLAN-E, LCG’s electricity market model. 

These features make UPLAN-G an ideal choice for utility self generation (USG) entities as well as transportation and local distribution companies (LDC).


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